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San Miguel de Allende real estate
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Real Estate

Why is San Miguel de Allende one of Mexico's top rated destinations year after year? Perhaps it is because San Miguel's weather is nearly perfect year round. Perhaps it is because San Miguel de Allende's picturesque cobblestones streets and colonial architecture have inspired generations of artists.

San Miguel de Allende also offers visitors and residents a vibrant and lively community of artists, musicians and writers and a delightful mix of Mexican folk traditions, fiestas and religious celebrations. Shopping in San Miguel de Allende is a shop-a-holic's dream - plenty of Mexican handicrafts, boutiques, art galleries, and furniture and home decor to choose from.

Thousands of people come to San Miguel de Allende every year to learn Spanish, study art, or take Mexican cooking classes.

But San Miguel de Allende isn't just for tourists. The foreign community of San Miguel consists of thousands of people from all over the world who have chosen to make this delightful and historic town in Central Mexico their home.

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